Toughman – Best of 2016 – Part 2

ONLY on Network West Virginia!

To Become A Toughman Sponsor Call: 304-422-6088 ext. 151

The Toughman Competition brings together ordinary local guys and gals who think they’re tough, and puts them in the ring to PROVE it! It’s a showcase for the area’s toughest. Network West Virginia brings the West Virginia Toughman to you, every week to show off the toughest men and women in the state. (and those sexy Ring Girls too).

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Here are the Basic Rules:
1) Male or Female 18-39 years old.
2) Three – 1 minute rounds.
3) 1 minute rest period between rounds.
4) Two day – single elimination event.
5) 3 knockdown rule in effect.
6) Standing 8 count in effect
7) Scoring in 10 point on the must system.