Video Production Services

Are you wanting to advertise your business, but don’t have a commercial? Network West Virginia and Suddenlink Media offer video production services that can turn your dream into reality. We also make full length shows for many different types of businesses. Our video production crew consists of several award winning producers with 20+ years of experience. Below are some examples of what we can do for you!

Awards REV

Our award winning production team has been recognized with very prestigious awards such as Telly Awards, Addy Awards, CAB Cable Advertising awards, and many more.

Client Edit Suite REV

Our video editing suites have been recently updated with Avid Media Composer 7 software and new Apple computers. We also have the newest Adobe production suites and editing software. In addition to our editing suites, we also have a client edit suite, so you can sit down and see your commercial or show.

Cameras REV

We have several cameras for shooting commercials including Sony, Panasonic, Ikegami, & GoPro for both standard definition and high definition video.


We have advanced machines such as the Jib,  which allows us to get shots that would not be possible any other way. Showing a dining room suite from above, or that special hand shake, high above the showroom. Height and long flowing movements are all possible with the jib.

Steadicam REV

We also have three steady cams, which use a gyroscope to steady the camera and keep a constant position, allowing the producer to move, walk up or down stairs, or run down the street while maintaining constant level of flowing video.

Lighting REV

Along with our camera technology, we have recently updated our lighting to provide the best possible environment in our customizable studio, which offers great opportunities for filming regardless of the weather. This is also a great location for filming a show for Network West Virginia.

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