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As a local business owner, the challenge is where and how to start? Picking one or two websites to place your advertising on out of millions on the web is nearly impossible. What if you didn’t have to pick?

The Suddenlink Media Banner Ad & Pre Roll Program is the solution.

Pre-Roll Advertising

In the past, your commercials have been seen by consumers on great cable networks. Today, the internet is expanding, while consumers are watching more videos on the web. Many websites have videos, and now with Suddenlink Media, you can have your commercials within these videos. This new advertising solution is called Pre-Roll Advertising.

Air your commercials on television and on the internet with Suddenlink Media.

Online Banner Advertising

Almost any website you visit has some sort of advertising, and most likely it is banner ads. These banners ads are like a billboard for your business on the internet, but can direct prospective clients to your website or landing page. Suddenlink Media has created a Online Banner Advertising Program that will get your advertising to the target audience for your product or service. Our banner Advertising Program is measurable, so you can see the real results of your advertising and adjust or redesign your ads to reach specific goals.

Let Suddenlink Media show you how easy it is to launch your Web Banner Program today:

  1.  Pick your geographic area
  2. Choose your audience
  3. Let us create your content
  4. Your ads run
  5. We provide you with your measurement

The most popular banner sizes are classified as a “Leaderboard” (728 x 90) , “Wide Skyscraper” (160 x 600), and “Medium Rectangle” (300 x 250).

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